Reiki and Angelic Readings by Ricci
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What to Expect With a Reiki Session
One hour Reiki session.........................................$80.00
Half hour Reiki session.........................................$45.00
Angelic reading.............................$20.00/per 15 minutes

The session will begin with a brief question of what your intention will be for the Reiki experience such as relaxation, stress management, balancing moods, or pain in particular areas of the body. This sets the positive energies in motion so that Reiki flows to those areas of the body. Reiki always flows where it is needed, whether you know it or not.

You will be fully clothed as you rest on a comfortable table with pillows and blankets.  I will use my hand to scan your aura, the energy above your body, to feel for energy imbalances that can be felt with heat, cold, or other sensations.  This lets me know the areas that may need a little more help during the session and may also represent an injury or energy blockages.

As I gently place my hands on various parts of the body, Reiki energy will begin to flow and most often is felt as heat or other soothing energy. Reiki can also be given without touch by hovering my hands above the body.  Each session is very peaceful and some people fall asleep during the session. 

Many times I have intuitive and angelic information that comes to me in the form of pictures, visions, feelings, colors, or words. With your permission, I can relay the information to you with the intention of love, kindness, and healing. My goal is that you receive this for your Highest and Greatest good.

People who have visited me for Reiki have had ailments such as colitis, anxiety, fatigue, stomach and digestive disorders, headaches, insomnia, side effects from cancer and chemotherapy, discomfort during pregnancy, and many others.

Please note that the term 'healing' does not necessarily mean 'to cure' because each person's body is different.  There can be many factors contributing to energy imbalances or ailments, so Reiki is just one way to open ourselves to positive energy.

During the Reiki session, people have different experiences and most often it will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.  You may continue to experience this for several days after the session, and I encourage you to listen to your body during that time.  Drink plenty of pure water and eat foods that nourish your body.  Your body may go through a release of toxins in the form of emotions or physical form, so allow it to flow out of you naturally.  Your body may need additional sessions to help release energies that no longer serve you.

If you would like me to send long-distance Reiki healing to a friend or loved one, I'd be happy to do so for free.  Please email me the person's name, city and state, and I will send positive, healing energy to the recipient's Highest Self.

I also have gift certificates available for Reiki services and it is a wonderful gift for any occasion!


Photo by Ricci Hatch
Photo by Ricci Hatch