Reiki and Angelic Readings by Ricci
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*Are you trying to sell your home?

*Would you like to bring positive, vibrant energy into your home or work space?

*Have you ever walked into a room where you could feel a change in energy (positive or otherwise), including areas with groups of people?

Sometimes energy can linger in areas that can alter how we feel and think, and how we work.  By re-balancing the energy in a space, it helps us think more clearly, increase creativity, increase production, and improve our feelings of wellness.

The easiest way to think about space clearing is that it's a 'cleansing shower' of all the clutter that clings to us throughout the day that we bring into our home or work space.

Space clearing is especially beneficial when trying to sell a home because it brings balance, warmth, and an inviting feel to people who will be visiting your home.  Intention is given with Reiki symbols to bring potential buyers who will love and appreciate your home.

On-site visits are quiet and non-invasive for a 30-minute session (travel time included in the flat-fee service).
On-Site Home, Office, & Space Clearing................$65.00
A wonderful way to increase the flow of energy in any area where people would like to feel welcome, creative, happy, and relaxed.